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NTC Companies

Providing high quality custom and vertical
market software, and software support services.

High quality, high reliability servers
workstations and other hardware.


Information security, data protection, and 
forensic data recovery and analysis.

A full service web and internet company;
 Web sites, graphics, hosting and online storage.


Data recovery services including password cracking and recovery.

Commerce security training and audits,
C-TPAT compliance and IOSC certification.


Software and Support

Andreyavich Laboratories is the software development and support unit for NTC.  We have produced custom packages and utilities for several industries.  We have also provided support services to companies and organizations through-out the region.  Read about a few of our packages below or visit the Andreyavich Labs site for more details.

Billing and Collections
PIFsys is our billing and collections package.  Designed to meet the needs of a full service regional billing and collection agency it offers an extremely robust list of features at an affordable price.  The software is flexible, customizable, and easily interfaced with external data sources.  It can be installed on standard PC or server hardware and is easily scalable from a few users to several hundred.

Light Manufacturing & Distribution
Our light manufacturing and distribution package is a simple but effective package for entering and tracking customer orders, managing inventory, and processing customer shipments and invoices.  It includes basic inventory control, an MRP module, and lots of other features found only on more expensive packages.  One size does not fit all when it comes to packages for manufacturing and inventory control so give us a call and we can discuss you needs.

Software Design & Programming
We can help design and write custom code for a complete project or as part of a system modification or upgrade.  We are very experienced in working with Pick/D3 and related multi-value database environments.  We also have experience with other languages and systems including Visual BASIC and PHP.

System Support & Management Services
Many of our past clients have hired us for short term projects to backup existing staff or fill-in for an empty position.  We have done interim support for companies going through bankruptcy reorganization, managed MIS departments while training a replacement manager, and provided on-demand support for businesses with no internal systems department.   If you need quality systems support or management services contact us at 915-544-2034 and tell us how we can help.