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NTC Companies

Data recovery and usage analysis of computer, cell phones and other digital devices.


Information security, data protection, and 
forensic data recovery and analysis.

A full service web and internet company;
 Web sites, graphics, hosting and online storage.

Providing high quality custom and vertical
market software, and software support services.

High quality, high reliability servers
workstations and other hardware.

Commerce security training and audits,
C-TPAT compliance and IOSC certification.


Technology and Business Services

Neal Technologies Corporation is in the business of providing, securing and supporting the high technology systems and tools used by business, government and other organizations.  Going beyond computer hardware and software, NTC provides technology based business services and solutions.  We specialize in information security and commerce security, digitial forensics, and in helping organizations integrate technology into their day-to-day business cycle.

It is rare to find a business or organization today that does not use computers or other related technology to support their daily operations.  From business systems, to web sites, to cell phones and email, most companies have some degree of dependence on these modern productivity and business support tools.  The benefits to be realized by using technology are many, but there are also challenges to overcome. 

Appropriate products and services must be selected, the initial implementation and training must be managed, and ongoing maintenance and updates must be provided.  As new technology becomes available it must be evaluated for possible acquisition and integration into the business process.  In today's business environment there are also the issues of regulatory compliance, emergency and disaster response, and system and data security. 

NTC can provide the skill and experience to help address all these issues.  We have a strong background in standard computer services such as systems analysis, software development and support, web sites and internet, and custom hardware.  What sets us apart is our broad base of experience with a wide variety of industries and businesses, and our specialty in commerce and systems security.

Call us today at (915) 544-2034 to discuss your organization's goals and the ways in which we can help.  There is no cost to discuss your options.  Emergency response and support is also available, just give us a call!