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NTC Companies

Information security, data protection, and 
forensic data recovery and analysis.

Information forensics including analysis 
of computers, cell phones and PDA's


A full service web and internet company;
 Web sites, graphics, hosting and online storage.

Providing high quality custom and vertical
market software, and software support services.

High quality, high reliability servers
workstations and other hardware.

Commerce security training and audits,
C-TPAT compliance and IOSC certification.


Information Security Services

Neal Technologies Corporation specializes in information security.  We help individuals and organizations with problems like recovering lost data, protecting networks and information, regulatory compliance and information privacy, and responding to computer security incidents.  Services are performed by professionals certified in information security management, information forensics and commerce security.  Have an emergency?  We have the only trained response team for computer security and forensics in the El Paso region.

Data Protection and Recovery
Technology provides us with tools that are generally very reliable, but sometimes bad things happen.  This includes loss of data on a computer, pda, cell phone or digital camera.  NTC can often recover your data after an accident or incident. We can also help you with a data backup and recovery strategy to prevent future problems.  Forensic computer services are also available.

Corporate Information Security
Information security is a necessary and important part of any organization's risk management and cost containment strategy.  NTC can help you develop effective policy and procedures, protect your data and network, and insure compliance with HIPAA, SarBox, and other regulations.  We can offer compliance and security audits, computer user security training, and emergency incident response services.  More information is available at our Secure Information Services web site, or call us at (915) 544-2034 to discuss your needs.

Additional Services
NTC Secure Information Services offers many additional services.  We can help you secure your wireless network at work or at home, remove or prevent virus and spyware infections, or help you setup a secure home or small business network.  Donating or re-purposing a computer?  We can make sure all confidential data is removed before it leaves your control.  Contact us and tell us how we can be of service!.