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Information forensics, information security,
data protection and incident response.
Data protection and recovery services to protect your company's valuable information assets.

Data recovery and analysis of computers, cell phones and PDA's
Certified Information Forensics Investigator on staff!


Commerce secureity training and audits,
compliant with IOSC and C-TPAT standards.
Secure commerce training and audits based on IOSC standards and compliant with C-TPAT requirements.


High quality, high availability hardware for your business or organization.
High quality, secure workstations and servers made to meet your organization's needs.

Experience and Qualifications

General Background
NTC's technical staff is anchored by Andrew Neal, the company founder and President.  Mr. Neal is an experienced businessman and has held positions including programmer/analyst, MIS manager, technology consultant, and lecturer/instructor.  Other members of the NTC staff have extensive backgrounds in technology, international trade, web design and secure commerce.  Our staff's involvement in technology and information systems goes back well over 20 years and provides a solid footing for all our work.  The depth and diversity of the skills and experience found on the NTC team makes us a valuable partner for any technology project.

Forensics and Data Recovery
NTC facilities include a fully equipped commercial information forensics lab located in El Paso, Texas.  We use the latest hardware and software tools, and are capable of handling forensic acquisition and analysis for law enforcement, government and commercial purposes.  Our staff has been trained on forensic data recovery and includes the only Certified Information Forensics Investigator in the region.  Other staff certifications include Certified Cell Phone Examiner and Certified PDA Examiner.  The same skills applied to the forensics process can be used to perform data recovery operations to recover data damaged due to accident or incident.

Information Security
Expertise in information security is developed through experience and refined with research and education.  With over 20 years in the technology and information security field and an aggressive program of ongoing training we can provide qualified experts to address your information security needs.  In fact, our staff has the only Certified Information Security Manager in the El Paso area. 

Web Site and Internet
NTC's web services operation, Balanced Designs, has several dozen domains and web sites under management.  Our project portfolio includes logo design, simple web sites, and more complicated e-commerce sites.  With development resources including top-of-the-line equipment and full licenses for the best software tools in the industry we are well equipped to handle projects for your organization.

Secure Commerce
Our extensive background in international trade and information security has evolved into an expertise in the field of secure commerce.  Our staff instructors have delivered presentations and classes on C-TPAT, Supply Chain Security, and Secure Commerce to hundreds of students and attendees representing some the worlds largest companies.  We have made significant contributions to the best practices and educational curriculum used by the International Organization for Secure Commerce, and our team members are some of the first individuals to be designated as Certified Secure Commerce Professionals.

Software Development and Support
If your trace the roots of our company back over the last two and a half decades you will find a small software company started by a group of college students.   The Andreyavich Labs unit of NTC draws on that 20+ years of software development experience.  We are experienced developers with several deployed products written in Pick/D3, Visual Basic and PHP.  

Having an extensive background in the technology field means having observed the evolution of business computing first-hand.  Collectively our staff has contructed or repaired more computers and equipment than they can list.  This experience has led us to a hardware philosophy that has two main points: 1) Your hardware does not need to be the leading edge (expensive) to be effective, and 2) there is no substitute for high quality components assembled by a trained and skilled technician.  Equipment assembled or sold by our Artificers Workshop unit reflects that philosophy.

More Info
If you would like to know more about Neal Technologies Corporation feel free to give us a call.  We can be reached at our main office number, (915) 544-2034.