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NTC Companies

A full service web and internet company;
 Web sites, graphics, hosting and online storage.


Information security, data protection, and 
forensic data recovery and analysis.

Providing high quality custom and vertical
market software, and software support services.

High quality, high reliability servers
workstations and other hardware.

Commerce security training and audits,
C-TPAT compliance and IOSC certification.

Recovery of digital data such a erased email, deleted files, and last number called lists.


Web, Internet & Related Services

In a business environment where 'google' is a verb and 'online' is a requirement Neal Technologies Corporation can provide the expertise and experience to help your organization.  Our Balanced Designs business unit   provides clients with a complete range of services related to the internet, web sites and online commerce.  

Web Sites
NTC can provide you with a web site tailored to you organizations needs and marketing strategy.  We have completed many online projects from single page informational sites to multi-domain enterprise support sites.  We can perform all required functions from site design to ongoing and timely site management.

Each web site must be hosted on an internet-connected computer, and there are many different options for setting up your hosting.  Some organizations host their web sites on servers located in their own data centers.  Others choose to host their sites with a commercial hosting services provider.  Companies requiring extra security, high availability or disaster resistance may choose hosting that can meet these special needs.  NTC can help you evaluate your needs and choose the appropriate hosting model.

Graphics and Images
The Balanced Designs unit at NTC provides graphic design, digital photography and image management services. We can work with you to design a logo for your organization, product or event.  We can produce digital photos for your print or online project, or digitize existing artwork or photos.  Our results are high-quality and tailored to your specifications.

Other Internet Related Services
NTC offers many other internet related services.  You can register or renew domain names through our hosting web store.  We can help you setup and manage your email addresses, including email access for mobile devices.  Our equipment is capable of reproducing or converting a wide range of media formats.   Call us at 915-544-2034 to tell us about the needs of your latest project!