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NTC Companies

High quality, high reliability servers
workstations and other hardware.

Information security, data protection, and 
forensic data recovery and analysis.

A full service web and internet company;
 Web sites, graphics, hosting and online storage.

Providing high quality custom and vertical
market software, and software support services.


A fully equiiped digital lab offering data recovery, format conversion, and security incident analysis.


Commerce security training and audits,
C-TPAT compliance and IOSC certification.


There are many places to purchase computer hardware.  Online computer retailers, consumer electronics outlets and office supply store all offer a selection of computers for work or home.  Some of the machines available through these outlets are great values.  Some stores even offer to replace your computer if it ever breaks down.  Not a bad deal if it meets your needs.

Made for Business
At NTC our experience has shown that the 'good deals' available in the computer marketplace often provide very short term benefits.  Some common complaints about this bargain hardware include lack of business-class operating system or software, preloaded software that interferes with business applications, and difficulty finding replacement components or driver updates.  Even free replacement is not that great if it means you loose all the data stored on the original machine and experience extended down-time while the replacement is arranged.  At NTC we build computers for business, and that means doing things a little differently.

Purpose Built
Artificers Workshop is the house brand for hardware built by Neal Technologies Corporation.  Each of our machines, whether server or workstation, is built based on the requirements of the user.  A basic business computer would have a configuration very different from a web designers workstation.  This allows us to provide the most cost effective equipment for any situation while meeting each users performance requirements.

Quality & Performance
Our workstations and servers are built using high quality components from leading manufacturers.  The system components are matched to ensure compatibility and performance, and each machine is assembled and tested by an experienced technician.  We choose only business grade operating systems and applications to install on our machines, including a comprehensive anti-virus and security suite.  The result is a reliable tool to help you meet your goals.

Warranty & Support
The workstations and computers we build come with a minimum one year limited warranty on parts and labor.  Some of the components we use are warranted for up to 5 years by the manufacturer.  This warranty helps protect your hardware investment and is indicative of the quality built into each device.  Terms of the warranty may vary based on machine configuration and some limitations apply.  Contact us at 915-544-2034 for details!