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Incident response available 24 hours.
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Collectrite uses a powerfull and flexible
combination of hardware and software to service
its billing and collections clients.
Collectrite uses our PIFsys collections software to manage their collection activities.  We also offer emergency/interim support for their critical data processing operations.


Isbell Group provides corporate
security and compliance services.
Isbell International is a global corporate security firm. We provide Isbell consulting, information security and web site management services.


IOSC develops secure commerce standards,
provides education and certifies professionals.
The International Organization for Secure Commerce is a professional association.  We provide their web design and hosting, security training, and special management services.  We are also their subject matter experts for technology security.

Neal Technologies Corporation

Our Clients
The businesses and organizations we are privileged to serve include civic groups and non-profits, recreation clubs, private citizens, government agencies and businesses of all sizes.  Our business clients include companies working in global manufacturing and distribution, credit and collections, transportation, defense contracting, and wholesale distribution.  Each client, without regard to size, is an important relationship to us and we do our best to be a valuable partner.

The Need for Privacy
In todays business environment, especially in activities that involve technical infrastructure or confidential data, it is increasingly important to control what information is made public about your organization.  While advertising your services to potential clients is a good and necessary part of business, providing information that can be used against your company's infrastructure or operations should be avoided.  At Neal Technologies we recognize this need for discretion as it applies to listing the work we have done for clients.

Customer Disclosure Policy
We are very proud of the work we do for our customers.  We also recognize that business relationships include certain expectations of confidentiality.  It is our policy not to disclose the existence or nature of our client engagements without first assessing the potential risks involved, and then obtaining the explicit consent of the client.

References and Examples
We have listed (on the right) a few of our clients and partners.  We have many more past or ongoing engagements that are not listed here.  If you would like formal references, work samples or other information to help you evaluate our services please contact us at (915) 544-2034.