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Incident response available 24 hours.
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Neal Technologies Corporation

NTC provides technology and business services to government, companies and individuals throughout the El Paso region and across the country.  We are organized into several business units according to the services provided.

Southwest Digital Laboratory provides high quality business and technology services to companies, government agencies and other organizations.  We specialize in information security, data recovery, digital forensics and other services requiring high levels of quality and reliability.  We have a fully equipped digital laboratory, a certified staff, and portable acquisition capability.

Secure Information Services performs computer, network and data security services.  These services include data protection and recovery, policy and procedure development, and incident response.  Threat awareness and security training programs are also available.  The SIS staff includes a technology professional who has attained recognition as a Certified Information Security Manager.
Information Security Services; 
Data protection and recovery, compliance 
 with regulations, antivirus protection, 
and 24 hour incident response.
Digital images, internet services, 
web site development and management.

Balanced Designs is the internet, web and graphics group for Neal Technologies Corporation.  From initial web site design, to site development, through to ongoing site management, Balanced Designs offers a complete range of cost effective web site services.  Other offerings include domain registration and hosting, online storage accounts, disaster resistant hosting, and digital photography services.

Secure Commerce Associates offers consulting and training in the field of commerce security and supply chain security.  Available training courses include C-TPAT compliant threat awareness and the IOSC secure commerce curriculum.  Consulting is available for those organizations preparing for or maintaining their C-TPAT validation, and we are a provider of authorized third-party audits for the International Organization for Secure Commerce facility certification program.
Commerce security services including 
C-TPAT training and audits, IOSC 
 certification and other commerce security services.
High quality, high availability 
workstations and servers.

Artificers Workshop is the house brand for servers and workstations built by Neal Technologies Corporation.  All machines are built with a focus on the quality and reliability required by today's connected organizations.  Only top-quality, industry standard components are used, resulting in a high performance, very reliable piece of equipment.


Andreyavich Laboratories is the software development and support unit for NTC.  Services include software design and development, systems support, interim MIS management, and technical personnel mentoring.  Most software development is done in Pick/D3 and related multi-value environments, Visual Basic and PHP.  Deployed packages include billing and collections management software, light manufacturing and distribution, transportation, and accounting.
Custom software design and 
support services.