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Secure Commerce

The post-9/11 international business environment requires organizations to consider the security implications of many of their activities.  Is our supply chain vulnerable to being used by criminals or terrorists?  Are the companies we do business with really who they say the are?   Are we prepared to respond appropriately to a terrorist incident or natural disaster?  Secure Commerce refers to the integration of security into the business cycle.  Going a step beyond supply chain security, secure commerce uses security as a business improvement process and a tool for protecting profits and share holder value.

International Standards
There are several sets of guidelines and standards available to help structure an organization's security program.  U. S. Customs and Border Protection have the C-TPAT security guidelines.  Groups such as ISO and the World Customs Organization (WCO) also have standards.  The most comprehensive standards related to business process security come from the International Organization for Secure Commerce (IOSC).  Secure Commerce Associates (an NTC business unit) is an authorized provider for the IOSC education and certification programs.

Secure Commerce Training
The best practices for almost any endeavor include a rigorous training program.  We can provide onsite training that meets the threat awareness training requirements for C-TPAT.  Our training satisfies the requirements for the IOSC's Certified Secure Commerce series of professional certifications.  We are also qualified to train and certify individuals to become IOSC instructors or third-party examiners.

Secure Commerce Audits
An important part of any commerce security program is ongoing audits against a set of standards.  C-TPAT requires ongoing risk assessment, even after your validation is complete.  Any business improvement process requires audits to verify you are following your procedures and meeting the applicable standards.  We can provide commerce security audits against such standards as the C-TPAT requirements and the IOSC's Secure Commerce Protocols.

Qualified Professionals
NTC's Secure Commerce Associates employs instructors and auditors with decades of experience in international trade, logistics, compliance and commerce security.  Most have been through the C-TPAT validation process and have contributed to the best practices in the Secure Commerce Protocols.  Our instructors have presented at major universities and seminars around the country.  Visit the Secure Commerce Associates web site or call 915-544-2034 for more information.